“Democracy isn’t something you do every four years. Democracy is what you do everyday.”

There’s a short documentary called Own The Change that showcases average, everyday, and regular people like you and me who became owners of their workplace. This documentary gives examples of a myriad of folks owning a business together and running it democratically as a way to create jobs under a different business model.

Creating value for society was the core message in the documentary but another message, told from individuals including Melvin “Ricky” Macklin who described finding out not only was he a window maker but…

Calogero and Lorenzo Anello (Image Source)

Born in Baltimore in the mid-eighties and growing up as a kid of the nineties there were tons of coming of age films that contributed to my sense of wonder and taught me lessons about life.

A film that exemplified the lesson of growing up in a tough neighborhood and understanding the nuance and difference between the respect you can garner through love or through fear, with the accompanying authority that comes with it, was The Bronx Tale.

Though it’s set in a neighborhood in another city, it portrays the lengths a father goes to protect his child from the…

Bennett College (Image Source)

R ecently Bennett College a four-year liberal arts women's college in Greensboro, North Carolina, has been in the news; not for its history of being one of only two all women HBCUs in the country, not for any of its notable successful alumni but for possibly losing its accreditation under the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Bennett College as of late has taken to fundraising about 5 million dollars to show financial stability and keep its accreditation. Though this problem may seem to appear out of nowhere, it's nothing new. …

Reginald Simms

Entrepreneur, writer, organic intellectual scholar, avid reader and cat whisperer.

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